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Everyone who wants to go in for sports is faced with a choice – what type of training to choose? The most optimal option in terms of energy consumption, efficiency and pleasure is running. Don’t believe me? Let’s try to prove it!
“Any athlete involved in jogging can confirm that regular training in this type of activity is a pleasure,” says Anastasia Bogoslovskaya, personal trainer of TZ FC Start, CCM in polyathlon, champion of the Nizhny Novgorod region. – Moreover, pleasure at the physiological level. This is due to the release of the hormone estradiol in the blood, which is responsible for the utilization of fats in the body, accelerates metabolic processes, improves mood and enhances libido. The double effect of happiness from losing weight and attractiveness for the opposite sex is guaranteed to you! “
But what about the shock load on the joints during running, which contributes to their destruction? – you tell. And you will be wrong. The fact is that running is a physiological movement for a person. Over millions of years of evolution, our bodies have perfectly adapted to long runs. Critics of running can sit at the computer as much as they want, but physiologists are merciless: movement is more characteristic of a person than physical inactivity. During the training process, blood flow increases, resulting in oxygenation of all organs and tissues. And this is just a small part of the training magic. Running helps to strengthen the muscular and ligamentous apparatus, and regular exercise is the best prevention of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, strokes, heart attacks and diseases associated with excess weight.
Finally, running increases the body’s endurance, trains the nervous system, and this increases efficiency and stress resistance. If we did convince you to start jogging, here are some helpful tips on how to do it right.
1) the couch beginners are better off preparing a little for an aerobic workout like running. Develop lungs and joints, and yoga, for example, will help with this. After a couple of weeks of doing yoga, running will no longer cause discomfort and training can be longer.
2) the main component of success is the correct running technique. A common mistake for beginners is the incorrect position of the foot when touching the surface. Most experts advise while running to land with the entire surface of the foot on bent legs, while it is recommended to throw the legs high, almost touching the buttocks. The elbows should be bent in a 90 degree position and be as close to the body as possible – this does not cause air resistance and is physiologically more correct. It is recommended to keep the head straight, shoulders unfolded so that the lungs and heart are not compressed. This position of the body will not cause rapid fatigue.
And, of course, it is important to remember that in running, as in any other physical activity, you must adhere to regular activities. Movement is life. It doesn’t matter how fast you move. The main thing is to choose the right direction!

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