Choosing training in a fitness club, we much more often give preference to those disciplines that make it possible to quickly acquire an attractive figure. Yes, such training requires colossal workload and self-discipline, but how can this stop us?

In the fight for a perfectly pumped body and athletic spirit, CrossFit and functional training come to the rescue. Very often you can hear the opinion that these workouts are one and the same. In fact, such a statement is not entirely true, if not to say – fundamentally wrong. In order to understand the difference in definitions, it is necessary to understand the principles underlying one and the other discipline. And only then decide which of them meets your physical capabilities.

So, crossfit or functional training? By and large, the ture is the high intensity of the exercise. Moreover, high intensity is not just recommended, but a prerequisite for this discipline. In addition, in CrossFit, exercises are performed without rest. Its goal is to increase the “fitness” of the athlete, that is, the performance of a certain load with maximum efficiency for a minimum period of time. That is why CrossFit is, first of all, a sport, a competitive activity, in which there are standards of movements, assessed by judges, where bets are made on the result and speed of execution. Crossfit training includes elements of weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell lifting, strongman exercises, running. It is also curious that in addition to physical parameters, CrossFit also trains the psyche: willpower, discipline, character. High intensity loads are repeated in “circles”, exhausting the athlete. In such a situation, when you are at the peak of exhaustion and you have a desire to quit everything, your mental parameters are trained – the ability to overcome yourself, show resilience and accomplish the impossible.

In turn, functional training aims to increase the physical parameters of the athlete’s motor activity without strict reference to the intensity and time of the exercises, and fosters physical qualities: strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and coordination. Functional training implies a greater fitness orientation, and, therefore, it is based on a health-improving method, and not work solely for the sake of a sports result.

“Now crossfit is gaining more and more popularity, because it is not only a varied training process, but also an opportunity to quickly acquire an attractive figure,” says a fitness trainer network of clubs. crossfit boxes and are engaged in training aimed at competitive activity, in the very first lessons they perform elements from weightlifting, the study of which requires more than half a year. All the while losing huge layers of functional training, such as unstable surfaces, TRX training and much more.

If you want to try something new for yourself, make training not only effective, but also exciting and varied, then I advise you to start with functional training, which, in addition to an attractive body and general development, will also give you a passion for many years. And even then, the systematic education of physical qualities during functional training will develop in you the competitive spirit and physical fitness necessary for CrossFit! ”