In our age of technological progress, we all feel the lack of full-fledged communication. This is especially true for children who, due to the busyness of their parents, spend all their free time with gadgets. Lack of parental attention greatly affects the child, and this can affect his future. However, there is a great opportunity to establish contact – joint training. And as a bonus, you will get good health!

It is necessary to go in for sports with a child from an early age. It is the period of infancy that creates the bond between the child and the parents for life. Physical contact during sports soothes the baby and helps him feel protected. For example, swimming together will be ideal at this age. Water procedures will not only entertain the child, but also tune in to a sound and healthy sleep.


“Every parent wants his child to grow up healthy and athletic, but complains that children are only interested in TV and gadgets. And you try to invite your child to play football, go to a joint boxing training or some kind of sports competition, says the coach of the children’s club Natalya Anisimova. – See how his eyes light up! The problem is often not that children don’t want to. And the fact is that the parents themselves do not show such initiative and do not inspire the child with their example ”.

Meanwhile, joint sports in a sports club will help you find a common language with your child, even in a difficult teenage period. Sport provides an opportunity to participate in the upbringing of your children. With joint training, parents teach their children to be hardworking, decisive. And the example of athletic and strong parents will strengthen authority and set an example to follow. It is not without reason that Joseph Joubert is often quoted: “Children do not need teachings, but examples.” Another positive moment in joint sports is the development of team spirit and will to win. Often children even refuse from their favorite sections if they do not have success. But if you go to the club with the whole family, then everyone performs on equal terms, is a member of the team. Everyone has the opportunity to take part, try their hand, enjoy the movement, the game, feel the strong shoulder of a parent even in the most difficult moments. Such sports activities will certainly strengthen the spirit, will contribute to the training of will, and this gives the child an advantage in the future, already adult life!

What can we say about physical development! Children who regularly attend sports activities have excellent academic performance, go to school with a desire.

Physical education is an excellent solution for the prevention and treatment of neurological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, physical exercises contribute to the proper development of joints and muscles.

A happy family life with children includes a huge number of aspects. Proper nutrition and adequate sleep are vital factors. Intellectual development and comfortable living conditions are also important. But it is physical activity with the emotional support of the closest people that gives the most deep and bright memories that the child carries through his whole life. Be close, be together and love sports!

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About the Author: Mildred White