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Useful properties and methods of using creatine monohydrate

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By combining regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate rest, you can build a superior athletic body. Creatine monohydrate can help increase performance and improve the quality of your exercise. Composition and properties of creatine Creatine is a…

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Protein. What are the types of proteins?


Protein  is a sports supplement made from various protein sources. In the human body, it breaks down to amino acids – the “building blocks” of which muscles are composed. The principle of action of all proteins is the…

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How do I take L-carnitine? Correct use of L-carnitine

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What is L-Carnitine? L-carnitine – also known as levocarnitine – is a natural compound that belongs to the amino acids. This vitamin-like substance is responsible for lipid metabolism, as well as energy processes in our body. For several…

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How to choose amino acids? What are the best amino acids to take?


To begin with, you should clearly define the selection criteria.Today, all drugs can be conditionally divided into two types: Selected amino acids are individual products that usually contain one amino acid ( glutamine , ornithine, arginine, etc.) or…

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Gainer vs. Protein: Which Is Better?


For normal life, a person needs proteins and carbohydrates. We get them from food, and this is enough for everyday life. However, when it comes to exercising and gaining muscle mass, it is extremely difficult to obtain the…

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The best vitamin and mineral complexes for sports

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Regular intense physical activity speeds up metabolism and actively burns nutrient stores. To replenish the loss and maintain a sports form, it is necessary to combine a balanced diet with the intake of special vitamin and mineral complexes….

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