“If you don’t know what to do, do it according to etiquette.” This saying applies to every area of ​​our life. Have you bought a fitness club membership? Know – there is etiquette here too. No, not safety rules (although they are, of course, also important and any instructor will tell about them), namely the unspoken rules of behavior in the fitness room that will help you feel comfortable from the very first day of training.

1. Appropriate equipment.

Any workout starts with the right equipment. It doesn’t have to be fashionable, but it must be appropriate and comfortable. For example, running shoes are not suitable for barbell exercises. Choose your clothes wisely. This will relieve you of surprised looks and give you confidence.

2. Simulators – for everyone!

Exercising exercise equipment for a long time is bad form. It is even less appropriate – to rest on them between approaches or leave your things – a phone, a bottle of water … Completed the exercise – release the shells. This will help you maintain your reputation as a polite person.

3. Clean equipment – a clear conscience.

It’s a good habit to come to the gym with sanitizing wipes. Wipe them after yourself any equipment: exercise equipment, dumbbells, barbell, stationary bike saddle … It will take a little time, but visitors are pleased.

4. We remove the phone!

Or we transfer the gadget to the player, timer, pedometer mode during training. Solving issues over the phone on a treadmill is completely inappropriate.

5. Mirrors in the hall are common!

So don’t block them by taking endless selfies. Remember, seeing your reflection is essential to self-control and perfecting the correct exercise technique.

6. In the locker room we act quickly.

Especially if you get there during rush hour. Try not to take up a lot of space on the bench, and immediately put unnecessary things in the booth. The same goes for the shower room. Leave the spa treatments at home and take a quick shower here.

7. Be polite.

It is banal, but no one canceled the respect for each other. Be kind and don’t show a bad mood in the audience. Leave a pleasant impression about yourself, and you will easily feel at home in any fitness club!

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About the Author: Mildred White