How to choose amino acids? What are the best amino acids to take?


To begin with, you should clearly define the selection criteria.Today, all drugs can be conditionally divided into two types:

  1. Selected amino acids are individual products that usually contain one amino acid ( glutamine , ornithine, arginine, etc.) or a group of amino acids that share common properties (such as BCAAs ).
  2. Amino acid complexes and mixtures – these preparations are perfectly balanced and include a complete set of amino acids necessary for an athlete. The quality of such complexes is determined by the content of essential amino acids . The higher their content, the better the preparation and the higher its biological value. However, the content of other substances is also of great importance.

So, in the question of how to choose amino acids, first of all, one should be guided by personal needs. If you need a complex preparation for optimal muscle growth and recovery, then you should pay attention to amino acid complexes and mixtures, but if, in order to achieve your goals, you need an increased concentration of any specific substances in the body, then you should focus on the isolated amino acids, or take them in addition to complex drugs. In our store you can buy amino acids of various types and forms.

What are the best amino acids to take?

In addition to the above types, you should pay attention to the form in which amino acids are contained in a particular preparation:

  • Free amino acids are the most effective and valuable form; they are absorbed as quickly as possible in the body without a long and energy-intensive breakdown process.This shape is optimal for muscle growth and recovery. This form is also the most expensive due to the complex production process. However, the result is well worth the cost.
  • Hydrolyzed form – these amino acids are obtained by protein hydrolysis. This form is much cheaper than the free form, but it takes a little longer to be absorbed, pre-breaking down in the body.
  • Di- and tripeptide forms – such drugs have a absorption rate close to the free form of amino acids. Some of the peptides are absorbed almost immediately, and some are pre-split in the body. Another point to consider in the question: How to choose amino acids is their chemical structure. Most amino acids can be represented in two forms: D and L. These symbols denote the structure of the molecule in space (translated from Latin: D – dextra – right, L – levo – left).

Almost all animal and plant proteins are presented in the form of L-forms of amino acids, respectively, only they can support human metabolism. Therefore, when it comes to the choice of amino acids in sports nutrition, preference should be given to the L-forms (for example: L-cystine, L-leucine, etc.)

How to choose amino acids: types and forms of release

The modern sports nutrition market is striking in its scale. Manufacturers are developing more and more new forms of release of their products. The following types of amino acids are most popular today:

  • Amino acids in capsules – such preparations, as a rule, are produced in a gelatinous shell, this form has good digestibility and stability of the drug;
  • Amino acids in tablets are the most widespread and available form, it takes a little longer to be absorbed compared to other forms;
  • Liquid amino acids are a relatively new form with good digestibility;
  • Powdered Amino Acids – This is the form in which some isolated amino acids (eg glutamine ) are produced. Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, this form may be somewhat unstable.

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