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Do you want to know how to do deadlifts? We’ll explain it to you step by step in this deadlift article! So that you can do this pico bello right away. We are dealing here with the usual deadlift, but if you want to learn a little more about the Romanian thrust , thrust with rigid legs , Stanovaya sumo thrust of thrust on one leg, then you can read more about this in our other articles.


For starters, our advice is to get a power belt en lifting straps for deadlift use. You can read why and how it helps you in this extensive article .


Stand in front of the barbell and spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Stand firmly and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. A common mistake is to make the lower back bulge or sunken. A straight back is an important aspect of injuryprevent. Also, your head should be in line with your back, so when you drop down, you look at the ground a few feet in front of you, and when you come up and look straight ahead. Grasp the bar with both hands. Place your arms slightly wider than your shoulders. You can choose a top grip or a mixed grip. When gripping from above, both palms are facing you to gain as much strength as possible. With a mixed grip, one palm is facing you and the other is facing away from you. This allows very heavy weights to be lifted because the bar does not slip quickly out of your hands. Make sure you are well warmed up and build slowly to avoid injury with mixed grip.

How to do deadlifts


When you rise, you kind of press your feet into the ground so that the rest of your body rises automatically. In this exercise, your arms will remain straight. Arms bent at the elbows can only reduce strength and cause more injury. With the barbell at about your knees, push forward with your hips to lift the weight on the last stretch. Make sure you don’t stretch your legs too early. When you do this, the force only comes from your back, which increases your risk of back injury.


Your exercise ends in an upright position and you extend your upper body and legs. Make sure you don’t stretch your knees too much. Do not pull the barbell with your shoulders up, do not bounce the barbell, but simply hold the barbell still when you are at the top. Keep this for one or two seconds. Then return downstairs in a controlled manner. Do not do this too slowly, as this will put unnecessary pressure on your lower back and increase the likelihood of injury. In fact, you do the same as the way up, but then exactly the opposite. So, first lower your upper body, and when the bar is near your knees, lower your legs. Do not drop the barbell on the floor, but lay it down calmly.

How to do deadlifts

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