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How important is it for you to make your body efficient, energetic and healthy, not only externally, but also internally? And the main thing is to learn how to maintain it in this state? Yoga is the only…

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It doesn’t matter why you decide to do the splits – to amaze your friends or improve your health – you know, it’s possible! Even if you didn’t do the splits as a child. Even if stretching isn’t your forte….

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How do I take L-carnitine? Correct use of L-carnitine

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What is L-Carnitine? L-carnitine – also known as levocarnitine – is a natural compound that belongs to the amino acids. This vitamin-like substance is responsible for lipid metabolism, as well as energy processes in our body. For several…

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How to choose amino acids? What are the best amino acids to take?


To begin with, you should clearly define the selection criteria.Today, all drugs can be conditionally divided into two types: Selected amino acids are individual products that usually contain one amino acid ( glutamine , ornithine, arginine, etc.) or…

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Gainer vs. Protein: Which Is Better?


For normal life, a person needs proteins and carbohydrates. We get them from food, and this is enough for everyday life. However, when it comes to exercising and gaining muscle mass, it is extremely difficult to obtain the…

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The best vitamin and mineral complexes for sports

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Regular intense physical activity speeds up metabolism and actively burns nutrient stores. To replenish the loss and maintain a sports form, it is necessary to combine a balanced diet with the intake of special vitamin and mineral complexes….

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The most popular fitness myths still widely believed


At the beginning of their sports career, many guys and girls are faced with false, but at the same time, very convincing information that can slow down the process and worsen the results. Today we will debunk several of…

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Effective repetition model: insufficient evidence


The idea that the last five reps before muscle failure are “effective reps” and are extremely important for muscle hypertrophy has no strong scientific support. In this article, I will go over the arguments behind the concept of…

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Hanging for shoulder health and mobility


If asked what kind of physical activity is very beneficial for human health and is rarely practiced, I would answer that it is hovering. The shoulders are designed for hanging and swinging, but these activities are rarely included in…

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Do you want to know how to do deadlifts? We’ll explain it to you step by step in this deadlift article! So that you can do this pico bello right away. We are dealing here with the usual deadlift, but if…

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