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The most current fitness trend at the moment is beautiful elastic buttocks. The cult of beautiful ass has captured all social networks and the thoughts of men. It is great if genetics has awarded you with luxurious forms, but the owners of modest dimensions should not be discouraged. After all, pumping up the buttocks is easy and inexpensive in time.

We have three gluteus muscles: large, medium and small. The large muscle forms an exciting “nut” shape, basic exercises help us to pump it up. However, do not forget about the so-called isolated exercises, they are responsible for the “pumping” of the gluteus medius and small gluteus muscles and contribute to an increase in the volume of the buttocks. If you are the owner of excellent genetics and mouth-watering volumes, then you can train one type of exercise at a time. Girls who want to get the maximum result and do not expect indulgences from nature should combine both basic and isolated exercises.

The most comfortable and effective training regimen is 2 times a week. If you do it less often, the effect will be minimal. But too often, paradoxically, it is also not worth it. Overtraining of muscles has the opposite effect and instead of seductive volumes, you can only get a decrease in forms. To “create” a beautiful, proportional priests, you must select an individual mode and the number of repetitions. Elena Petushkova, fitness trainer of the FizKult network of clubs, recommends repeating the exercises 12-15 times with 3-5 sets.

“There is a huge number of exercises for pumping the gluteal muscles ”. “But nothing more effective than squats has yet been invented.” There are several options for squats: classic, “Sumo” and “Plie”. Each of them acts on different muscle groups, so it is recommended to use all types of squats. “Sumo” is correct to do with the back tilted forward, with “Plie” the position of the back is strictly vertical.


Forward lunges were used by wars in ancient Rome, but they are perfect for modern girls. The buttocks are perfectly tightened, and the legs will become beautiful and relief. We make lunges from a straight position: step forward, load on the front leg, located at an angle of 90 degrees, the back leg rests on the toe. Then we change the leg.

Deadlift works well on the back of the thighs and gluteal muscles. This is one of the most basic exercises for bodybuilders, and they can boast of firm buttocks! The exercise is performed with a barbell or dumbbell lift with a straight back, the gaze is directed forward. Perfectly shape the butt of a dream back swing or hip extension in a crossover. Such exercises are also suitable for beginners, people with joint problems. For more advanced athletes, you can perform a hip extension while standing on a bench on all fours with a weight. This exercise will definitely “pump” the buttocks in the minimum amount of time!

There is an exercise that is very pleasant for the lumbar region and effective for a beautiful butt. The glute bridge is made from the supine position by maximizing the pelvic elevation. With regular training, back pain will disappear, and the aesthetics of the shapes of the back of the body will go off scale! To never be overwhelmed by the flabby muscles of the inner thigh, Elena Petushkova recommends abducting the legs while sitting on the simulator. With the right weighting, the exercise will strengthen the legs, improve posture and gait, and this will further emphasize the “Brazilian ass”.

And finally, don’t forget about the leg press. This workout pumps the gluteus maximus muscle and burns calories hard! All exercises are best done under the guidance of a trainer who knows exactly how to build great forms, especially in such a sexy place as a booty!

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