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The deadlift is a very effective muscle building exercise rug en feet . One of the options for the deadlift is the sumo deadlift. The sumo deadlift is what you expect from it: you are like a sumo wrestler. However, it is a popular exercise among athletes and bodybuilders. But is the sumo deadlift better for you than the regular deadlift? Read and find out


The sumo deadlift is actually a variation of the regular deadlift , almost the same exercise, but not. You stand like a sumo wrestler with your legs wide apart, your feet about 30 centimeters wider than your shoulders, and your toes pointing outward. This starting position relieves tension in your lower back, so you are less likely to get injured. Bend your knees so that your legs are horizontal to the floor. Since you bend more at the knees and less in the back, this option also emphasizes the front of your legs, the quadriceps.

Sumo deadlift


Grasp the bar with your hands and keep your arms straight. While in other deadlifts you place your hands on the outside of your legs, in the sumo deadlift you place your hands on the inside of your legs. Use magnesium for more grip if needed .


Tighten your body, inhale and, as it were, press your feet into the ground. When lifting, keep the barbell as close to your body as possible. Remember to exhale as you rise. Stop hitchhiking when fully extended. Just make sure your knees are out, your chest is upright, and your back is straight. Keep this for one to two seconds.


With other deadlifts (such as the Rigid Deadlift and the Romanian Deadlift ), it is important that you descend slowly. You can descend a little faster with the sumo deadlift. With this in mind, bend your knees until they are again at ground level.

This exercise is quite technical, so it will take you time to master it 100%. It takes some of your mobility because the emphasis is on your (maybe not very flexible) hips. However, many beginners start with this exercise because it is less likely that you will bend your back. If you keep upright, you are less likely to get hurt. So is the sumo deadlift really better? No, sumo isn’t necessarily better, but if you have a weak lower back, this might be the best choice for you.

Sumo deadlift

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